Title Nine

Our story started way back in 1989, when our founder, Missy Park looked around and noticed that no one seemed to be too interested in athletic gear built for women. So, she got herself a card table, a phone, 13,000 (pretty terrible) catalogs, and Title Nine was born.

Fast forward to today: we pride ourselves in crafting the best gear in the world, so adventurous women can put it—and themselves—to the test. We create clothing that’s well-crafted enough to last a lifetime and versatile enough to last the day.

But when it comes right down to it, we also believe it’s about way more than just the gear.

We believe in moving women’s movement forward. We believe in inspiring women to take risks, lead in their communities, and seek their own adventures. Because we believe we can all change the world (and still get our workout in).

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