About Us

Happily ever Hilldale.

Where does Madison get its unmistakable charm? It may have something to do with the fact that it packs so many personalities into one small city, from outdoorsy types to foodies, scholars to sports fans. Creating a place that captures a little bit of everything that makes Madison feel like Madison is no small feat. But Hilldale makes it happen.

We bring Madison’s best together in one easy-access West Side location. And even though you’re close to home, Hilldale feels like a mini getaway. It’s fresh, bright and beautiful, but with enough local flavor to make it clear you’re still in badger country.

Whether you’re into 6AM spin class, post-work beers, mom group meet-ups on the green or all of the above, Hilldale makes it so easy to do what makes you super happy in a laidback, strollable setting.

Farmers Market

Farm fresh everything, brought to you by the people who made it happen. Buying local doesn’t get any closer to home.

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Out & About

First time here? Just passing through? Either way, we want you to love Madison as much as we do. Here are a few things you can’t miss at Hilldale and around town.

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Shopping with a friend is more fun than shopping alone, period.

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