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Playing Favorites

Call us biased, but there are a few key features that we think really set Hilldale apart. With special places to hang and little bits of unexpected art, it’s way more interesting than your regular old retail destination.

But we didn’t come up with this perfect combo of relaxation, art and fun all by ourselves – it’s inspired by the vibe of our happy hometown. If you’re lucky enough to be in Madison, make sure you take some extra time to explore.

The Green

From play groups, to picnic lunches, to a little lazy afternoon lounging, the Green is the perfect spot to meet up or stretch out. Find lawn games, chairs and plenty of space to do whatever!

The Plaza

Need to recharge? Bring your coffee (and your dying cell phone) to the Plaza. With shady seating and plentiful power outlets, it’s the perfect spot for a quick break.


Have we mentioned how much we love Madison? It’s so nice, we wrote it twice! Check out the two murals on property that pay homage to our hometown. Pro tip: They’re the perfect backdrops for a pretty stellar selfie.

Lots More in Madison

There’s so much around town you won’t want to miss. From outdoor adventures to bike trails and public art, browse the links below if you’re planning a visit. As far we’re concerned, Madison’s got all the best of the Midwest.

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