Xizhou Xie

  • Tell us about a little your art style!
    • I enjoy creating Modern art. I incorporate dreamy color palettes and bold textures in my art.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I love experimenting with multiple color palettes and mediums and combining them. When I find a a combination that I love, I stick to it and create a series. My best creations stem from playing with paints!
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • My Instagram is full of my favorite artists. I love local artists @astuaryart, @julie.vornholt.art, as well as international artists @sheleeart and @janelovesdesign
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us!
    • Most of my paintings are on canvas and this was my first time painting on 3D objects. It was tricky! I went with a simple design and let the paints do their thing.
  • To see more art from Xizhou:

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