Haley Schulz

  • Tell us about a little about yourself and your art style!
    • I just moved to Madison with my partner who started a job at one of the breweries. I’m hoping to do more community art like this.  In this meantime, I have a Redbubble shop where you can view my designs and have them printed on an array of products. I’ll link my sites below, and of course feel free to contact me directly, haleymschulz@gmail.com.   I mostly work with pencil and digital. Returning to painting was a fun challenge (and on plastic flamingos no less).  My illustration style is dreamy, organic, tropical, and a bit cartoonish.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I draw a lot of inspiration from the nature, people, and patterns I see on trips abroad.  Additionally, I have always drawn ladies of all kinds. These days I usually draw them among their cats and house plants…because that’s my life.
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • Attending more art and music festivals opened my eyes to accessible, interactive, community-centered art. I’m pleased to be making something that will be in a public space.  These days I’m more into art that goes right into the community rather than being hung in a museum.  I love seeing murals and street art with a social message.  I haven’t been to Burning Man but would love to go and see some of the spectacular sculptures there.
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us!
    • I’ve spent a big part of quarantine in winter climates, which have their own beauty but I love dreaming of warm/tropical places.  Right before COVID lockdowns began, I was on a road trip through Mexico and Guatemala with friends.  One of the flamingos is inspired by Oaxacan folk art style.  There are these incredible wooden animals that are carved and painted with a ton of detail and their facial expressions are insane.  So beautiful and so much personality.  The art in Oaxaca is very psychedelic.
  • To see more art from Haley:

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