Emma Andreasson

  • Tell us about a little about your art style!
    • I love to do a lot of mixed media. I frequently use acrylic and gouache/watercolor paints, as well as copic markers and ink pens. I honestly love to try new things, so I also like working on unusual things like paper sculptures. Most of my artwork has to do with nature nowadays.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I get a lot of my inspiration on subject matter from my dreams. I get my references and style inspo from all over the internet. If you look at my photo album on my phone its just a bunch of pictures for reference.
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • I would definitely say some of the people who have taught me in college like David Shaul and Robert Schultz, and my art mentor who helped me for a while, Marilyn Annin. Some of my favorite artists are John Bauer, Dennis Nechvatal, Gustav Klimt, among many others.
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us!
    • The flamingos that I painted are supposed to represent fond memories of summer during the day and night from my childhood. The day flamingo shows my annual memories of traveling to Sweden in June to visit my family and celebrate Midsommar (the summer solstice). During the morning we pick wildflowers in the fields and decorate the Midsommar stång (which I painted on the back of the neck), and then we dance, eat, sing, and drink the day/night away. For the Night flamingo I painted a Luna moth which I remember my dad catching me one summer night, along with a bunch of fireflies which I would run around catching with friends. Sumer time Is also one of my favorite times to stargaze on the roof of my dads house, hence the starry sky.
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