Diane Yao

  • Tell us about a little about yourself and your art style!
    • I grew up in China and this is my eighth year in Wisconsin. I have a bachelor’s degree in art, but now I’m in the financial field. Painting is my biggest hobby in my spare time. I have been painting hand drawn Holiday cards, personalized paintings, and Wisconsin scenes over the last year while I had more time at home. I hope my artwork can bring warmth and happiness to your family and friends.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I like taking pictures to observe things around me. Some of my works are inspired by the photos I take.
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • I took some art/painting courses from MATC, and my instructor gave me a lot of art guidance. I also followed some artists on Facebook, and my favorite artist is -Joseph Zbukvic.
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us! 
    • I used acrylic paints to decorate these flamingos. I decorated one of the flamingos with mixed summer flowers. This is the feeling that summer gives me. Everything is revived and the world has become very colorful. I decorated another flamingo with summer peaches. The peach is my favorite summer fruit. It tastes sweet and refreshing. Summer accompanied by peaches makes me feel very happy.
  • To see more art from Diane:
    • I have entered multiple Yahara Journal art contests. You can find my artwork on Yahara Journal 2015, 2016, 2021, and Scary Story and Artwork Chapbook 2020. I also have some artwork on sale in the Mulan Flowers and Gifts (inside of Global Market and Food Hall)
    • Visit her art page on Facebook  and Instagram to see more!

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