Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp is a lifestyle fitness facility that inspires, empowers, and transforms the lives of busy women, men, and their families.

Join a community that helps you set and reach your fitness goals! Burn Boot Camp features a constantly-changing mix of cardio, HIIT, and strength training so you never get the same workout twice. Our clients enjoy access to unlimited 45-minute workouts produced by top trainers, designed to engage your full body and deliver complete body change. Each workout takes place on our signature “floating floor” that helps produce results for every fitness level.

As a gym designed for busy lifestyles, we offer: Unlimited 45-minute strength & conditioning sweat sessions Modifications for all fitness levels Complimentary child watch (opening soon at Hilldale Mall!) Family-centric, all-inclusive community A supportive environment full of encouragement, high-fives, laughs, & eye rolls at the trainer Personalized nutrition guidance, goal setting, Inbody measurements …and more!

Start Your 7 Day FREE Trial TODAY. Sign up now at www.burnbootcamp.com/Hilldale-wi

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