Hilldale’s new Little Free Library

We’re unveiling a new Little Free Library, painted by local artist, Diane Yao. Find this new Library across from Metcalfe’s Market.

We first met Diane this winter when she designed and painted a plastic flamingo as part of our Winter What? installation.

This Summer, we asked for Diane to lend us her talent once again! We had a new Little Free Library installed and asked Diane to paint the walls with images inspired by Hilldale. Be sure to check out this new Little Free Library and bring a book or two to put inside to share!

Learn more about Diane in our interview below:  

  • What is your art style or what types of projects do you do the most?
    • “My artistic style is close to life. I am good at using paintings to describe the community, people, and scenery around me. The works of art that I created for the little library describe the life around me. The characters are common scenes from the Madison community. Lately, I have been working with pen calligraphy and watercolor. In addition to painting themes I am interested in, I also take commission-based projects.”
  • Where do you get your artistic inspiration?
    • “My artistic inspiration comes from many places. Reading art books, visiting art exhibitions, and browsing artists’ works online all bring me inspiration. I am also a photography enthusiast. I often choose to create art bases on my own photos. When I travel, I will take a sketchbook with me to record the scenes or details along the way.”
  • Where can others see or buy any of your art?
    • “I have entered multiple Yahara Journal art contests. You can find my artwork on Yahara Journal 2015, 2016, 2021, and Scary Story and Artwork Chapbook 2020.
    • I have some artwork on sale in the Mulan Flowers and Gifts (inside of Global Market and Food Hall)
    • You can also find me on Instagram, @dianeyao_art or Facebook.”

Wait, there’s more…

Stick around and see what else is in store. It’s all good.