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Bringing Summer to You this Winter

Thu, Jan 14 - Sun, Feb 28

Experience the warm winter vibes at Hilldale featuring a flock of plastic flamingos, tropical décor, beach toys, local art, an outdoor bar and sunny photo-ops. Find the Pop of Summer installation on the Green (near the apple store)

Flamingo Art:

Five local artists added some color and flair and painted a pair of flamingos to display during WINTER WHAT? You will find their finished product in the display windows across from Anthropologie. View the interviews below to learn more about each artist.

Artist: Diane Yao

  • Tell us about a little about yourself and your art style!
    • I grew up in China and this is my eighth year in Wisconsin. I have a bachelor’s degree in art, but now I’m in the financial field. Painting is my biggest hobby in my spare time. I have been painting hand drawn Holiday cards, personalized paintings, and Wisconsin scenes over the last year while I had more time at home. I hope my artwork can bring warmth and happiness to your family and friends.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I like taking pictures to observe things around me. Some of my works are inspired by the photos I take.
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • I took some art/painting courses from MATC, and my instructor gave me a lot of art guidance. I also followed some artists on Facebook, and my favorite artist is -Joseph Zbukvic.
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us! 
    • I used acrylic paints to decorate these flamingos. I decorated one of the flamingos with mixed summer flowers. This is the feeling that summer gives me. Everything is revived and the world has become very colorful. I decorated another flamingo with summer peaches. The peach is my favorite summer fruit. It tastes sweet and refreshing. Summer accompanied by peaches makes me feel very happy.
  • To see more art from Diane:
    • I have entered multiple Yahara Journal art contests. You can find my artwork on Yahara Journal 2015, 2016, 2021, and Scary Story and Artwork Chapbook 2020. I also have some artwork on sale in the Mulan Flowers and Gifts (inside of Global Market and Food Hall)
    • Visit her art page on Facebook  and Instagram to see more!

Artist: Emma Andreasson

  • Tell us about a little about your art style!
    • I love to do a lot of mixed media. I frequently use acrylic and gouache/watercolor paints, as well as copic markers and ink pens. I honestly love to try new things, so I also like working on unusual things like paper sculptures. Most of my artwork has to do with nature nowadays.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I get a lot of my inspiration on subject matter from my dreams. I get my references and style inspo from all over the internet. If you look at my photo album on my phone its just a bunch of pictures for reference.
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • I would definitely say some of the people who have taught me in college like David Shaul and Robert Schultz, and my art mentor who helped me for a while, Marilyn Annin. Some of my favorite artists are John Bauer, Dennis Nechvatal, Gustav Klimt, among many others.
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us!
    • The flamingos that I painted are supposed to represent fond memories of summer during the day and night from my childhood. The day flamingo shows my annual memories of traveling to Sweden in June to visit my family and celebrate Midsommar (the summer solstice). During the morning we pick wildflowers in the fields and decorate the Midsommar stång (which I painted on the back of the neck), and then we dance, eat, sing, and drink the day/night away. For the Night flamingo I painted a Luna moth which I remember my dad catching me one summer night, along with a bunch of fireflies which I would run around catching with friends. Sumer time Is also one of my favorite times to stargaze on the roof of my dads house, hence the starry sky.
  • To see more art from Emma:

Artist: Xizhou Xie

  • Tell us about a little your art style!
    • I enjoy creating Modern art. I incorporate dreamy color palettes and bold textures in my art.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I love experimenting with multiple color palettes and mediums and combining them. When I find a a combination that I love, I stick to it and create a series. My best creations stem from playing with paints!
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • My Instagram is full of my favorite artists. I love local artists @astuaryart, @julie.vornholt.art, as well as international artists @sheleeart and @janelovesdesign
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us!
    • Most of my paintings are on canvas and this was my first time painting on 3D objects. It was tricky! I went with a simple design and let the paints do their thing.
  • To see more art from Xizhou:

Artist: Julie Vornholt

  • Tell us about a little about yourself and your art style!
    • I’m a mural artist and oil painter. Florals, especially black and white, are starting to become my signature style with other elements and bright colors working their way in. I love using Posca Markers to paint all kinds of things like these flamingos! I am so excited to be part of more community projects. I’m not a Wisconsin native, so getting to find my place in the art community here in Madison has been the best thing I could ask for. It’s truly my favorite city!
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • The different shapes in flowers and specific color combinations are my current inspiration. It’s all about seeing what you can do with different shapes.
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice? 
    • JULU is my favorite muralist at the moment, and I’m a big fan of Milwaukee’s Emma Daisy. I went to an arts college so almost every friend of mine is a different kind of artist. Surrounding myself with creative people definitely influences my art and my life.
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us!
    • I knew I wanted to do fun florals and play with some color combinations. Flamingos are fun, tropical, and bright!
  • To see more art from Julie:
    • Visit Grace Coffee Company – Julie hand painted the artwork at all of their locations. Make sure you check out the bathrooms. 😊
    • You can also visit her website and Instagram to see more!

Artist: Haley Schulz

  • Tell us about a little about yourself and your art style!
    • I just moved to Madison with my partner who started a job at one of the breweries. I’m hoping to do more community art like this.  In this meantime, I have a Redbubble shop where you can view my designs and have them printed on an array of products. I’ll link my sites below, and of course feel free to contact me directly, haleymschulz@gmail.com.   I mostly work with pencil and digital. Returning to painting was a fun challenge (and on plastic flamingos no less).  My illustration style is dreamy, organic, tropical, and a bit cartoonish.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • I draw a lot of inspiration from the nature, people, and patterns I see on trips abroad.  Additionally, I have always drawn ladies of all kinds. These days I usually draw them among their cats and house plants…because that’s my life.
  • What other artists have impacted your art practice?
    • Attending more art and music festivals opened my eyes to accessible, interactive, community-centered art. I’m pleased to be making something that will be in a public space.  These days I’m more into art that goes right into the community rather than being hung in a museum.  I love seeing murals and street art with a social message.  I haven’t been to Burning Man but would love to go and see some of the spectacular sculptures there.
  • Tell us about the flamingos you painted for us!
    • I’ve spent a big part of quarantine in winter climates, which have their own beauty but I love dreaming of warm/tropical places.  Right before COVID lockdowns began, I was on a road trip through Mexico and Guatemala with friends.  One of the flamingos is inspired by Oaxacan folk art style.  There are these incredible wooden animals that are carved and painted with a ton of detail and their facial expressions are insane.  So beautiful and so much personality.  The art in Oaxaca is very psychedelic.
  • To see more art from Haley:


  • bartaco will be serving up cocktail demos on the Green by the tiki bar. Stop by Tuesdays at 3pm, January 19- February 23
    • Plus $1 from every crispy avocado #bartacosecret taco sold at the bartaco Hilldale location (1/19-2/28) will be donated to the Henry Vilas Zoo!
  • Visit Café Hollander for $2 off the Dragonberry Daquiri and Berry Blast Mimosa, January 14- February 28
  • Visit the Green to view the light up flamingos from the Fantasy in Lights display presented by Forward Madison FC
  • Hilda the Hilldale Flamingo Mascot will be flying in Tuesdays from 3pm-5pm to pose for photos and pass out goodies!
  • Browse the installation and learn Flamingo Facts presented by our friends at the Henry Vilas Zoo.
    • Support the Zoo – Donate HERE
    • 100% of your donation goes directly towards: Daily Care, Veterinary Care and Nutrition for 75+ animal species at Henry Vilas Zoo.

Visit Hilldale during the WINTER WHAT? installation for warm vibes and exclusive offers:

  • Sweat it out! Each Friday the 4:30pm class at [solidcore] will be happy hour themed with goodies, giveaways and a raffle for a Café Hollander gift card. Book your spot here.
  • Every Tuesday at Gigi’s Cupcakes stop by to pick up a Flamingo themed cupcake, they’re cute & delicious! (While supplies last, through February 23)
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