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Seed Bomb Making Party at Lush

Sat, May 27 | 12 PM - 3 PM

 |  Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Join us for this free event while supplies last!

What is a seed bomb?

A seed bomb is a compact combination of compost, clay, wildflower seeds, and water. Most seeds are very light and designed to travel in the air; this can make germination difficult for the seed, as it has no control over where it lands! The compost and clay of a seed bomb act as a carrier and blanket for the seeds to grow. Seeds in a seed bomb are likely to germinate and grow into the flowering plants that pollinators love.

Seed bombs can be dispersed in any area that has a bare patch of ground: around garden beds, walkways, disused areas of the yard, or liminal areas, like medians, along railroad tracks, parking lots, curbsides, alleyways, and anywhere that could be transformed into a pollinator paradise.

No RSVP required, just stop by!