Code of Conduct

Hilldale is private property. In order to help ensure a pleasant shopping environment for our guests, we request your cooperation in complying with established rules of conduct. The following activities are not permitted on the premises:

  1. Violations of the law.
  2. Carrying or displaying of weapons of any kind except those carried by certified law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.
  3. Any erratic or suspicious behavior displayed by groups of individuals
  4. Failing to wear footwear and a shirt/top.
  5. Displaying or wearing any item that depicts sexually explicit activity, illegal activity or obscene or offensive language.
  6. Any activity that threatens the well-being of the property or disrupts our pleasant environment.
  7. Any activity that threatens the safety of our guests, tenants, and employees.
  8. Improper use of elevators or stairs.
  9. Attendance of children (under age 18) during school hours unless accompanied by a parent, teacher, or legal guardian (excluding school holidays and home-schooled students). Unaccompanied children ages 15-17 may produce proof of reduced school hours or completion thereof.
  10. Any activity that is inconsistent with the general purpose of the property which is shopping, entertainment, dining, or visiting for business purposes.
  11. Assembling, demonstrating, parading, picketing, marching, walking abreast in groups, and/or loitering for the purpose of disturbing the peace or any unlawful purpose, disrupting the shopping enjoyment of customers, or disrupting the intended business use of the shopping center.
  12. Filming or photography unless authorized by Hilldale Management.
  13. Solicitation of any kind.
  14. Smoking; the center is a smoke-free environment.
  15. Being intoxicated and/or possessing or being under the influence of illegal drugs.

This list is not exhaustive and Hilldale Management reserves the right to make changes or additions to our rules of conduct at any time. Guests who do not act responsibly may be asked to leave. If they fail, or refuse to leave the property, they may be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass.