Full Time Culinary Lead

Nov 22  |  Sur La Table

Number of Positions: 1

Hours: 40

Email Contact: emcalmont@cscshared.com

Key Responsibilities:

  •  Models and directs employees to ensure customer service standards are met.
  • Delivers and holds employees accountable for an exceptional cooking class experience at every class using recipes and game plans provided.
  • Contributes to an environment where employees are informed and capable by supporting and/or delivering training for all employees.
  • Maintains proper storage, prep and service procedures and maintains all equipment and workspaces to ensure sanitary conditions.
  • Ensures all food items are cooked and served at the correct temperature.
  • Models and ensures all Sur La Table policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are communicated effectively to employees, maintained and consistently followed.
  •  Provides coaching in the moment and performance feedback to culinary employees.
  •  Seeks opportunities to increase cooking class and retail sales and directs culinary employees to execute sales plans.
  • Anticipates and solves problems by taking decisive action, follows up with the Resident Chef.
  • Stays informed by maintaining product knowledge, accesses available training and seeks out additional resources when necessary.
  • Ensures the accuracy and integrity of employee information including, but not limited to, Time and Attendance records and personal data.
  •  Appropriately partners with Resident Chef, HQ Culinary Team, Human Resources and other departments as needed or necessary.
  • Demonstrate exceptional verbal and written communication skills with employees, customers, field management and corporate office.
  • Ensures adherence to applicable wage and hour laws. Accurately records time worked according to SLT policy.
  • May handle, serve, and pour liquor, wine and beer and/or mix ingredients, such as liquor, soda, water and etc. in order to prepare cocktails and other drinks.
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned by Resident Chef.
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