Evereve Assistant Manager

Jul 16  |  Evereve

We love fashion, but we love people more.  As an Assistant Manager you will lead EVEREVE guidelines, uphold our mission and culture, and ensure that it is consistent across our brand.

As an Assistant Manager you will partner with your Store Manager to ensure  our customer receives the EVEREVE Styling Experience every time they shop in our stores. You make sure that ALL customers are seen and connected with.  Our store mantra is  “WE WILL MISS NO ONE!”

Assistant Managers:

Act and Lead through the lens of our Core Values:

  • Humility:  The ability to recognize your value, strengths and weaknesses as well as the value of others.
  • Empathy:  The ability to understand and value the perspective and feelings of others.
  • Authenticity:   Embracing who you are, listening to yourself and making decisions based on personal conviction.
  • Relationships:  Developing genuine connections, lifting others up and following through on  team commitments.
  • Tenacity:  The courage to try something new, persist through difficulty and seek solutions.

Create a Culture of HEART

Our company culture is incredibly important to us and must extend beyond the Home Office.  EVEREVE culture is rooted in our values and should be diverse and inclusive of all.  Assistant  Managers will ensure the store culture is welcoming for all team members and customers.  Our EVEREVE work environment is free of any discrimination or bias and will seek to ensure all people are seen, heard and appreciated.

Builds a Dream Team

Assistant Managers embody EVEREVE mission, culture, and core values to attract great talent.  They proactively recruit both internally and externally to ensure the store is adequately staffed to provide a great experience to our customers and operate efficiently.  Assistant Managers share this responsibility with their Store Manager.

Leads Operational Excellence

EVEREVE Assistant Managers partner with their Store Manager to  lead a complex operational business including inventory management, daily operational practices and the execution of our digital styling service Trendsend / Dressing Room to Go.

Drives for Results

The ultimate responsibility of an EVEREVE Assistant Manager is to lead an effective team to deliver our HEART experience consistently and assist the SM in meeting monthly financial targets.  EVEREVE Assistant Managers are lead stylists who spend the majority of their time on the styling floor leading by example and delivering the styling experience with their team.


  • A warm and friendly demeanor, a natural connector who knows how to make work fun.
  • Fashion credible, up to date on current trends and contemporary fashion brands.  Willing to take risks with fashion and be an early adopter of new trends.
  • A growth mindset to persevere through challenge and push for solutions.
  • Open to growth and development, highly coachable.
  • High emotional intelligence and the ability to influence others.
  • Embodies the EVEREVE brand and serves as a brand advocate for our mission.
  • Previous retail or leadership experience preferred but not required.
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