Cyclestar Instructor

Aug 27  |  CYCLEBAR

No. of Positions: 3
Hours per week: 10-20 Hours a week
Manager Name: Courtney




We’ve raised the bar and turned up the volume on the indoor cycling experience. CycleBar unites you with riders of all ages and fitness levels by creating an unparalleled, multisensory, intoxicating journey. Led by friendly, high-energy CycleStar Instructors and fueled by pumping playlists in our state-of-the-art CycleTheatre, CycleBar delivers far beyond a great cardio workout. Our studios and staff are entirely dedicated to creating a fun, dynamic, and effective indoor cycling experience for you.


A CycleStar leads 45-75 minute group exercise indoor cycling classes on a regular schedule. Typical schedule is 4 to 6 classes per week (subject to change).


  • Reports to the Studio Manager/Management Team.
  • Organize, prepare and teach classes that include CycleBar “pillar” elements: music, video, choreography, performance metrics, strength (including weighted bar segment) and other elements. CycleStars must have flexibility to teach a variety of prescribed class styles.
  • Responsible for maintaining CycleStar equipment according to the studio’s requirements/guidelines.
  • Responsible for maintaining own headset microphone.
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes early to class to greet class participants and to assist with acclimation and setup for first time riders.
  • Start and finish classes on time.
  • Be willing to assist with keeping the studio clean and always looking top notch.
  • Adhere to the CycleBar training method, brand and safety guidelines as outlined in the CycleStar Training Manual.
  • Notify studio manager in the case of any planned or unplanned absence, and work with management to secure substitution arrangements.
  • Actively represent CycleBar at studio-organized events that are held periodically both within and outside the studio.
  • Be flexible to teach Private Rides/Fundraiser Rides/Charity Rides when needed.
  • Work with Master CycleStars to hone and improve class skills.
  • Periodically take other CycleStar classes during non-peak hours.


  • Must pass auditions.
  • Must complete Boot Camp or other required training.
  • Must continue to work to improve and hone their skills on an ongoing basis.


  • It is expected that CycleStars will actively recruit, grow and maintain client base for their specific ride time slots.
  • CycleStars are the face to the customer and as such are required to assist in the upselling process and promote ride packages and special offers/events. Engagement with customers should include soliciting feedback on the overall experience.
  • Actively engage in CycleBar social media promotional activity that helps to promote the business.
  • As a CycleBar employee, contribute to overall team environment by engaging with and assisting other employees. Will also participate in scheduled team meetings

How to Apply: email with resume and cover letter